50 Foot K9 Tactical Nylon Lead


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A big multiplier for Law Enforcement and military when running K9s off leash is not an option. This “no-snag” 50 foot lead allows K9 Handlers the ability to release their K9 into structures and still maintain a level of control out to 50 feet. The “no-snag” lead will snake itself around objects without snagging or getting caught on objects. This 50 foot lead is currently being used with SWAT units and is the preferred method when having a K9 on a lead is required.

The nylon lead also incorporated the rugged brass snap swivel. The snap swivel is large enough for ease of use with or without gloves during times when fumbling to secure or release your K9 is not wanted.

This product has been tested and validated by local law enforcement K9 departments.

Made in the USA with the best in quality and durability. Questions? Please call – 727-939-2701. Custom orders available.


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