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For Law Enforcement and Military, ask about our discounts.

Through exhaustive research and development, High Noon K9 has combined the best in tactical vest into one single vest. Mobility, light-weight, breathable, and multi-functional, our Tac-V (Tactical Vest) is by far more superior than other vests on the market. Based on your mission, we provide a choice in configuration that also helps with pricing.

Our tactical vest is tried and true. From military operations to law enforcement operations, our tactical vest is proven. Our vest has been taken to its extreme. From military airborne operations to military and law enforcement fast-roping, our tactical vest is the best – on every level.

Lightweight, maximum mobility, maximum control of your K9, and maximum consideration for safety for you and your K9.


Multiple buckle adjustment points (8 in all) to ensure the best possible fit for your K9. We use the best and strongest buckles on the market – the Cobra Buckle System. If maximum buckle strength is not required for your mission, you can select a polymer Cobra Buckle System which costs less or you can select the Nexus Buckle System which is even less expensive.

We incorporate lightweight mesh material to dissipate heat and help keep your K9 cool.

Multiple latch points for your leads
Optional hind leg straps for airborne operations as well as fast-roping.
Additional “satchel” hand grip to instantly control your K9
Two forward and aft hand grips for maximum control
Two forward and aft triangle mounting points for your leads
Supports MOLLE equipment
Supports the Tactical Electronics K9-XR Camera System

Sizing. We offer a medium and large Mod-V vest. When considering a size, review the sizing chart below. Always consider the growth of your K9 when deciding on a size.

Base Price: $379.95

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Sizing Considerations:

When sizing your K9 for our vest, keep in mind the growth of your K9.  If your K9 is young and you expect your K9 to grow and “fill out,” then consider the current measurement when determining what size to order.

As an example, if your K9 measurement is 31″ and your K9 is nine months old, the 31″ measurement is near the Larger size.  So you might want to consider ordering a Large vest because your K9 is still growing.

Another example would be if your K9 measurement is 29″ and your K9 is four years old.  Perhaps it might be a good idea to order a Medium vest because more than likely, your K9 will not fill out much more during his/her active years as a K9 for military or law enforcement work.


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